La Rambertia is a private, non-profit company, which benefits from the support of the Transports Montreux-Vevey-Riviera SA company, the municipalities of Montreux and Veytaux, as well as other partners.

The membership fee is currently 30 Swiss francs per person.

The general assembly is held at the Rochers-de-Naye at the restaurant "Plein Roc" on the first Wednesday of July and allows the members of the society to take part in the meeting free of charge by train on that day.

The maintenance of the garden is carried out by a small team of volunteers and includes various activities related to welcoming visitors, maintaining the premises and the rock gardens, planting, weeding, and harvesting seeds.

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The committee is composed of 9 people:

  • Julien Brunschwig - President
  • Bertrand Nanchen - Vice President
  • Alexandre Vautier - Member
  • Anne-Catherine Monod - Member
  • Francis Kilchenmann - Member
  • Igor Rinaldi - Member
  • Karen Armstrong - Member
  • Milo Genasci - Member
  • Valerie Baud-Vannay - Member


The statutes of the Association are very old. They are being modified for approval at the General Assembly.


  • MVR
  • Municipality of Montreux
  • Commune of Veytaux
  • Municipality of Villeneuve

Annual reports

Annual reports 2015 - 2022